I am

An immovable object

While you are the irresistible force

And we dance infinitely close

You are powerful but soft

And I am solid yet

Each encounter

You will

Shape me

If only a little

Over time you have

Created me in your image

Each soft caress washes my soul

Every strong surge smooths me

At times you subside into

A vast ocean world

I know you always return

To refine my stoic mind

To bring me to life

In an waltz

Of love




End of the Day

ImageEnd of the Day

I begin my day as you end yours

Nothing seems more natural

Nocturnal friends in the

Image of Ladyhawk

Or maybe


So we meet

In the middle of it all

Between shadows and sunlight

Doing the normal under strange circumstance

It is




Sunset Solitude



Solitude contains

Everything light and dark

Life integrated through thoughts

Images of loneliness or peace

Surrounded by a golden glow

I only know my own feelings

Of having lived life well

The people I love see

For the person I am

While I see myself

Completed in their




ArtistsTake to …



Take to the fields

Oceans of green grasses

Mountains of rock and rolling

Oceans of aquatic foam and waves

Cities of architectural monuments

You are preserving today

As Neo-petroglyphs

For tomorrow

And beyond




Perfect blooms

In an imperfect world

Not just close but unified

They are almost mirror images

Divinely individual in spirit

Genetically twins



Flowers and Stones

Flowers and StonesBeing

Who I am

Is always difficult

Weighing the consequences

Of my comments against perception

Then again seeing me is impossible

When my free side is captive

And the flowers I feel

Become the stones

I speak to you

Easy Pickings


Is a negative

Sounding word

It seems to me it’s

Actually a good thing

For others and a gift of profit

Some glean the easy low hanging fruit

While others survive on the leftovers

I can see that every day if I look

The byproduct of raw material

Ends up the profit for the

Ingenuous agile minds

Waiting those who

Make use of the

Unwanted easy