Me and My Canon

I have written a little, photographed a little, RVed a little and basically goof off the rest of the time. In my past life I’ve changed careers several times from being a District Executive for the Boy Scouts (the business and organization side of the Scouts), I’ve been a Affirmative Action Director for the Girl Scouts, worked for a Catholic church college center (in Utah), been A/R manager for a Catholic Hospital (in Utah), systems programming for a major PPV company in California, helped program and maintain live fire and simulations systems for the Army near Barstow and finally did transition management for a very large computer outsourcing firm in New England. I did a few other things I didn’t mention and none of it has the slightest relationship to what my Page is about. I love education so I went to college 3 times each time 10 years in between working for a total of 10 years in University Classes. I hope you know saying all this that’s not showing off it only means I’m not a teenager. I have had a very interesting life so far and still love living and being me, and I really love my Canon camera. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy creating it.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoy your blog Paul. You are doing what makes you happy; and by doing so you help us to live our dreams and be aware that we will be OK, if only we follow our heart.

  2. I’VE had a crush on your soul for a long time but it wasn’t until now that my mind wanted more.
    Accolades indeed but quite literal I assure you.

  3. We love your photo and would like to use it as a slide in our Easter musical. May we have your permission to use it that way on April 1st for our 10:30 Sunday Service. We would also like to use it as the cover of our Sunday morning bulletin. It will represent the sunrising on Easter Sunday morning. We appreciate your reply.

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