Nothing alike

As different as possible

But for one unwavering trait

Knowledge of the better angels

Preconception is a myth of the cynic

Acceptance and understanding  is  the

Grace of all true love and friendship

Closeness is not about proximity

When you stand by a friend

It is always about belief

Thank you friends

For believing

In me

3 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Wow…. no truer words spoken. I was just contemplating my closest friends over the years. One died here suddenly – fairly young – leaving us all to reminisce and appreciate the true value of friendship. It is not proximity but all about acceptance, understanding and belief in the other. Very well done.

  2. I love this poem. So, true what you say about proximity…it isn’t that at all. Closeness is an obscure cord that binds the hearts of friends. You don’t even realize that it is there sometimes. It only takes a word, a look, a smile to make the cord reverberate with all the warmth and love that manifest the initial binding. That’s what your poem did for me today. I love you, my friend and I miss you. I hope that you are happy and peaceful in your little corner of the cosmos.

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