But not alone.

Majestic beauty

Of pastel shades sublimely

Etched in increments of time.

Knowing when you close your eyes

There is a neighboring ridge of rock

That holds you in imagined grace

Giving you space to breathe

Blocking the harsh wind

Blushing at sundown

Attentive always

A friend


3 thoughts on “Solitary

  1. I would be down in Arizona but we keep getting involved in the community here in Oregon. I like the space and the sun, sunsets, rocks around Tucson. Your words paint a picture of comparing rocks with human relationships. Always knew there was some reason I was turned on by these monumental landscapes; they remind me of myself.

  2. We all need support and this poem conveys this message to me. Thank you for your photo (beautiful) and the wonderful message sent.

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