Hitting the Wall

When only trite and
Warmed again phrases
Fall from my finger tips and lips
I’ve hit the wall.

When care escapes
Without a pang of feeling
When I’m dry within my hide
I’ve hit the wall

When distance kisses isolation
When a visit ends too soon
When I can’t forgive the moon
I’ve hit the wall

Dry spells always end in cracked clay
Leaving tan withered wheat
Close to extinct but alive
I am starving for an embrace
A smile a kiss and only two sounds
So I may sail on to the next wall

5 thoughts on “Hitting the Wall

  1. Hi Paul,
    Per usual, a terrific photograph and I could connect with your verse. Wow! I sometimes hit the wall, but then I bounce back from the wall! Thank you for your sharing!

  2. Cool photo, I enjoy the person sitting at the table with his head…as it seems…lying on the surface. It fits well with the poetic theme of hitting the wall. Sorrow-filled, introspective, and delightful.

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