Wish He Had Stayed Longer


One last stop

James Dean made as he hurried

To get down the road for another race

Do you wonder if he had stayed a little longer

If I had stayed a little longerĀ  and not rushed off

Would my departure into the cool night be noticed

Somehow I know the answer even without hearing

There is no fame involved and none wanted

Only the assurance I am thought of

When I feel most invisible

And wanted when I

First appear

* James Dean’s Last stop on September 30, 1955 was at Blackwell’s Corner on Route 466 (now 46) where he bought an Apple and a Coke. A few minutes later he was killed in an auto accident. This picture is taken of a billboard at Blakwell’s Corner in the Worlds Largest Parking Lot, at least that’s how it is billed.


One thought on “Wish He Had Stayed Longer

  1. James Dean looks like, the way I envision you looking when you were his age. The words are beautiful…everyone’s wish…I would imagine.

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