Night and the River

night on the river

Walking over a bridge at night

The soft breezy air cooling my skin

I just want to stand here forever

And do nothing but imagine

It’s akin to being weightless

It’s taking a first breath

It’s the song of rushing water

My spirit dances to a waltz

Of woven dreams

with fantasy creatures

Who shimmer gracefully

On a silver liquid dance floor

I am standing on the fog of eons

I am wedded to my best dreams

Cradled in the arms of infinite peace

In the ether of night and the river


4 thoughts on “Night and the River

  1. Beautiful photo Paul. I am delighted by the words used here. The comparison of imagination with weightlessness is so enchanting and it is true for me too. Fantasy figures dancing on a liquid dance floor…so elegantly stated. Being wedded to your best dreams is a statement so true for most yet never have I had it put into such glorious words before. A delightful morning wake up coffee for my soul.

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