Existence and the Senses



Is not a thing

To ponder endlessly

It is something  to live fully

Not in frantic action at high speed

But in sensation and in the gentle floating

Within the environment we are given

Digesting every sight our eyes see

Every fragrance we breathe

Every sound that flows in

Tasting sweetness and

Pungent flavor and

Feeling every


2 thoughts on “Existence and the Senses

  1. Hi Paul,
    This is really beautiful. I don’t know how you get to such depth of thought. I spend most of my time dealing with the mundane. Thank you for sharing and for being my friend on FACEBOOK. That is so nice of you. I will be adding photos one day when I get time. April has been totally chaotic. Thank you for the quietness of your words and the beauty of your photography.

  2. How very introspective. The deep thoughts about life are refreshing, it is so nice to read about the soft, gentle, quiet, and repose side of sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell. It is like drinking life slowly.

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