Coopers Hawk


Coopers Hawk

The beautiful little raptor

Sat on my fence and the other birds

Departed in haste from  the Coopers hawk

Is a formidable  foe capable of swift retribution

Yet it is a thrill to see up close fearlessly looking at me

I do see a parallel to our dread with life these days

Perhaps it’s my age that I can see the fear

I wonder if I should be fearful as well

I wonder if the Peter Pan in me

Will ever grow up to reality

Rules that must be kept

When I’d rather dream

Of things that can be


2 thoughts on “Coopers Hawk

  1. Beautiful Bird. Fear holds many back for whatever reasons we can find. Letting go of fear and flying is one of the hardest things in life we face. But once we take flight…wow world…look out.

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