Overhanging Reality


Overhanging Reality

Solid footings

Wide sweeping overhang

Bridge over the river’s flow

No matter how hard I try I overhang

So much more than my basic strength allows

Fearing a toppling I contract too much

I rarely show the open heart I am

The passionate lover of life

I am an bright enigma

Only to be seen

In dreams




3 thoughts on “Overhanging Reality

  1. We deny ourselves so much of life by not telling the truth about who we are. Perhaps that is one of the lessons we are sent here to learn. And to teach each other. Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth. It is what it is!

    : )

  2. The photo is intriguing and my first thought was of a segmented worm. In reading your poem however, I somewhat understand what the structure is. The words bring together the image and thoughts that are so tender and precious.

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