So many thoughts
Little details that don’t matter
Filling time and emptying my mind
All the along there is overarching meaning
Too many side roads too many crises
All important so I triage it all
I can’t do it all yet I care
So I do what I can
Often over reaching
Doing nothing so great
Doing only what I can with
The time I have and the slight talent
That more often than not eludes my grasp

3 thoughts on “Overarching

  1. The torn edge of the image and collage effect really works poetic magic. The empty bench illustrates the frustration of too mamy demands upon the creative mind leaving no time for R&R and companionship. I see freezing ice over spring leaves. “Overarching” bending over for the season is timely to me.

  2. Beautifully constructed photograph. It is nostalgic in its look, creating a thoughtful setting for the poem, which to me seems to be a reflection of time, its use and its meaning.

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