The Origin of Clouds


The Origin of Clouds

Cold air over warm water

Rising wisps of tiny droplets

Condensating feelings dissipating

Rising then wafted along the surface

Existing for a brief time heated by the sun

You disappear into thin air reabsorbed

I’m in a dense fog cooling within

Like the origins of clouds

I’ll disappear into

Thin despair

3 thoughts on “The Origin of Clouds

  1. Thin despair took me by so much surprise, I have to read from the beginning over and over. The watercolor-like image reminds me of early morning put-ins for a river drift trip. Happy memories. I love the mist on the river and how it makes the outline edge of things stand out. Becoming the fog itself never occured to me. Interesting but despair I am sorry is a new thought to me.

  2. How moving. It is interesting that we can become fog-like in our thoughts and our minds can become hazed by the illusions of our interpretation of events and of what is. Fog and clouds can hang around they are beautiful and sometimes they help us to realize the beauty of the time when the clouds disappear and we can once again see more clearly what is in front of us.

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