My brain tires of discerning

Why things are as they are.

I most often follow the dictated path

Occasionally waking to think.

Is there wisdom in not seeking cause

But accepting effect?

But it is what I must do

To remain sane.

I am so bombarded with decisions

Routine feels warm and safe.

What a rush it is to act

Rather than react;

To assert my ability

Not relying on common wisdom.

The result is an uncommon satisfaction.

I am not a herd creature

I am a human;

Therefore I need meaning.

I need to surf that wave of meaning

In the sun of reason

Feeling the cooling in the spray of life

I must act rather than react

Create rather that copy.


2 thoughts on “Meaning

  1. Excellent! I applaud your call to action…it is in the doing that we become who we are meant to be and where we learn the greatest lessons that we chose to learn when we came here.

  2. I am greatly moved by your words. By your strength to action it helps me see the beauty and safety of following the example set by you. It helps me when I know others feel similar to what I feel. Thank you for the landscape photo it is calming, refreshing and ponderous.

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