Temple of Art

Old Church

New faith

Belief in our talent

Creation of the fertile mind

Art is a mysterious endeavor on mankind

So often held in either high or low regard it just is

We sometimes gather at the icons of those who express

The little bits of themselves in oil, acrylic, stone or pastel

It is fitting the Maude Kerns Gallery is cozy in a church

There is a congreagation of those who find life in art

Artists and art lovers come together to converse

Pondering, smiling and chattering while

They tilt heads and closely examine

Some come to learn technique

In this temple of art

A place to come


2 thoughts on “Temple of Art

  1. Isn’t art an expression of our spirit? Therefore, in a sense it is our spiritual side that finds revelation in various forms of art. Because of the nature of art and the congregation that enjoys discussion and interaction with other fellow believers, I feel it is uniquely grand that Maude Kerns has built up a new congregation in a place that was once a church of spiritual believers of a different sort.

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