Cool Blue Passion

Cool Blue Passion

She lay there on the divan

Laughing at her nakedness

A new model posing

In the cool blue light

My sable brush dipped

Into the cobalt mass

It caressed the canvas

In the cool blue light

I dropped my pallet

She threw her head back

Laughing uncontrollably loud

In the cool blue light

I smiled sheepishly back

Then wondered if she saw

My palsied left eye blinking

In the cool blur light

When the painting was complete

I took her a dark green smock

She wrapped it around her

In the cool blue light

She was crying softly as

Behind the curtain she dressed

I’m sorry she softly spoke

In the cool blue glow

Why I asked are you sorry

For laughing while you painted

I’ve never posed before

In a cool blue light

She kissed my cheek

Then ran out the door

Looking back once

Into the cool blue night

I never sold the painting

I gaze and smile tenderly

At her smile on my wall

With a cool blue passion


3 thoughts on “Cool Blue Passion

  1. Maybe I read too much into this cool blue passion. But all models male and female that I have worked from are painted in a blue light of passionate seeking, the special kind of love of living in the moment and in discovery. Cool because visual truth seeking puts a distance between model and painter. While red hot sex sells the fruits of coolness do not. That you are painting for yourself, so that the painting reminds you of that love and special relationship between painter and model is truely the best part of the painting experience. Bravo!

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