Marbles are Free

Marbles are Free

The jar is full of little spheres

They are all glass and very old

Marbles from the past and one day

I will set them free in a river or

Perhaps the Pacific Ocean

I own the marbles

They are free to just be

Some are single hued

But most are multiple colors

Unique down to the last chip

They have no God no allegiance

There is a lid but only to protect them

They were born when I came to this world

They will outlive me and they are glass

I always believed glass was fragile

That I was invulnerable and now

The marbles though chipped

Were always free in the jar

I was always on my own

So while I have my marbles

I’ll be satisfied and clear

Always wanting more


8 thoughts on “Marbles are Free

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  2. Beautiful, I like marbles they are unique and fragile yet can last hundreds of years…wow. I like that you protect them and have thought about placing them into a new environment.

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