Fake Flowers Can Smell Sweet

Fake Flowers Can Smell Sweet

Did I ever tell you

That not everything is real

Cloth flowers in a window sunfaded

Covered with dust of the day’s wind gift

Yet to look at them so colorful and carefully arraigned

I can almost smell the sweet fragrance of fresh roses

Perhaps my mind wants more than reality can give

At times I wonder about reality and roses

I think of the joy in the unremarkable

The beauty we not only grow

But the genuine grace

In what we can

All create

3 thoughts on “Fake Flowers Can Smell Sweet

  1. There seems to be many levels working here. One of which I am aware of, which is, we can all create with our minds a reality of our own. This created state is sometimes fueled by what is, or perhaps is the altered state a part of reality? Then my mind wanders to the creativity of people and think about our ability to capture the essence of reality in our work or play by items replicated. Then again I think about out creative minds that can produce the aura of the items reproduced, such as the smell of fake flowers, the roaring of a painted sea or the passion of THE KISS by Gustav Klimt.

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