While We Sleep

While We Sleep

Lightning in the night

Rolling thunder gently bellows

The sky is taken from night to day

It becomes a flash of in the clash of heat

As the cool air flows south and all we do is snore

Sleep is necessary to renew our synaptic leads

It may be the time when we process days

Re-living esoteric thoughts and whims

It is the time the shuffled cards

Are merged into one deck

All the while we lose

The lightning

In the dark



2 thoughts on “While We Sleep

  1. Certainly our creativity comes through sleeping while the sky is taken from night to day; however some of the sweetest thoughts come when we steal some of those sleeping moments to experience the lightening in the dark.

  2. Sometimes I do not like to sleep because I miss the goings on of the night. Yet I do know that sleep is necessary, therefor I slumber as the rest do and dream of missed night time pleasures.

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