Stained Glass Heart

Stained Glass Heart


Heart of glass

Dynamic hues dancing

Like a lava lamp of passion

So many feelings fleeting and fast

All my life reacting to a myriad of meanings

The colors never run into a blur to grayish brown

Nothing blends or shares space all are uniquely separate

Passion pain and perfection exist in their own time

There are those who can align these experiences

Shape them into stripes or checkers all

Shaped alike but not this heart

It loves and cherishes every

Moment and shade of

Awareness wanting

More Accepting

Less until you

Shine my way

Then slowly

I am free

And Explode

2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Heart

  1. Simply perfect. The colors of the photo are wonderful it makes me think of someone dancing from a birds eye view. The poem evocative, pure and wonderful.

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