Fluff Piece

Fluff Piece

Its a writing

With no edge at all

Some would call it evasive

Below all the fuzzy softness

Is always a more cutting thought

Dog bites man or man bites dog is news

A man loves a woman and shows her a kindness

Is never news unless it involves the Hope Diamond

The hidden fact is all lives taken in a sweep of time

Contain every emotion ever felt from elation to

Severe unbearable pain that sears the soul

In my fluff piece softness survives

Tenderness reigns above all

Dreams become reality

Pain and tears are

Banished into



3 thoughts on “Fluff Piece

  1. Thank you for the photo…it is wonderful. When I read your poem I also think of the dandelion seed that blows in the wind. These fluffy remains travel sometimes great distance and other times small inches, which land and take root and blossom somewhere, into new life. Therefore I am with you in the thought that softness survives and grows. This growth real or dreamed can banish all the negative feelings felt and let take root and grow all that is pleasant soft, tender and truly beautiful.

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