Dream State

Dream State

Drifting back

Into my lmemory

Ethereal images emerge

Is that a dream state or reality

Did I actually stand there as the sunset

I wonder if I can dream forward and experience

The ecstasy within my romantic mind’s eye

True honesty of an open conversation

The intimacy of a secluded beach

The excitement of an evening kiss

The warmth of a unflinching hug

The sharing of spirits

Am I a citizen of a

Dream State

4 thoughts on “Dream State

  1. How can something so natural, yet profound, be such an elusive reality? I feel the emergence of poetry burning within me…

  2. Dreamlike photo. Wishful words filled with hope and fulfillment. Been there, done that. And yes dreaming forward is possible.

  3. For much is the riff between time
    much is the diligence of the impaired mine
    so we come to a dasterly design
    in search of the awaken we find
    it but a dream and nothing more
    yet hallowed I come to hear
    now tell me more

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