Bailing Out

Bailing Out

Bailing Out

Flight is not always fun

The thrilling excitement and rush

Of a dangerous choice in a somewhat

Controlled environment of soft dirt floors

Cannot guarantee a safe landing sans hoof marks

So why do I push myself beyond reason and logic

I think it is the fear of becoming a mundane zero

It’s an assertion of disparate individuality

To take a bright rare route soaring

Tumbling into my own eternity

Rather than shuffling

To someone else’s

Dark drum


2 thoughts on “Bailing Out

  1. What I’ve Learned…(in 100 words or less)

    The adventure of the road less traveled, may not be the path that leads to our need for validation as human beings. The ‘rut’ that so many of us find ourselves in, in hindsight, may be the very security that binds us. Mere existence has a tendency to be lonely and desolate in the proverbial search for the greener grass.

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