Dead Soldiers – 200806224417

Dead Soldiers  – 200806224417

Pictures are not always as they seem

To a good old Texas boy empty beer bottles

Are called “Dead Soldiers” because they are seen lined up

It’s a familiar formation on dead end roads or on rivers banks

Sadly today that term sounds callous and crudely unfeeling

To my easily misdirected mind empty beer bottles conjure

Up the explorations of youth into the world of adults

Today, because of the war in Iraq, dead soldiers

Take on a new disturbing meaning

And 4,417 lives found their

Middle age years were

When they were

Twelve years



2 thoughts on “Dead Soldiers – 200806224417

  1. How very true yet sad. This writing has given way to feelings unable to be expressed to its full. The way we live our lives and what we see and hear sometimes makes us tune these things out…I hope I will connect more fully to these and thank you for showing me the work I need to do.

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