Reflections of a Sunset

Reflections of a Sunset

Reflections of a Sunset

I can feel the cool breeze after a warm day

The peach color washing over the Inn on the beach

The windows enticing with a hint of idyllic sea visions

Reflections of a sunset long gone from actuality but not from mind

When I look at my life in images and dreams it is in reality they are born

No regret only an abiding fear of existence without dreams and living without life


2 thoughts on “Reflections of a Sunset

  1. In 2003 our Portland Community College China Tibet Tour spent an hour with the China apointed High Lama of Tibet. He was well into his 80’s and aproaching 90. His fear of Western medecin was that it would keep him and his people alive longer but with less quality of life. Our fear of being kept as vegetables is a shared world problem – and most important concern of allies and enemies.

  2. This photo is fantastic. To me this poem is talking about how we live our lives. Are we living in an existence filled with mundane or are we living our lives to the full with dreams and aspirations. Do we live in a unhindered fashion, by not allowing our lives be trampled down by others or even ourselves.

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