Over Cast Under Played


Over Cast Under Played

I am a character in a play

Not the playwright

I create no plot

I am no architect

No smith of words

I act and act badly

Given a starring role

Amongst a stellar cast

I am a mediocre mix

Reacting to cues

I am pulled through life

By those who care

I am a sad thespian

Over cast and under played


3 thoughts on “Over Cast Under Played

  1. awww… yes, this type of thinking… although human and touches us all – it weighs us down, it has been referred to as “carrying around a suitcase full of rocks on our head”. lol If we could only suspend all our judgment – not identifying ‘mediocre’ or ‘splendid’ and just be, cultivating a non-judgmental attitude – sitting down the suitcase of rocks and ‘inner’ talk…. to only be
    this is a great image… I enjoy your use of color

  2. Great image. It is as if the building is like a stage set, with only a fake wall in place. I enjoy the use of words in describing the way you feel about your life. Many of us feel like we are “reacting to cues and pulled through life… over cast and underplayed.” Yet life goes on and in the end hopefully we will have played our role well and have become more informed about life through our stage presence.

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