The Lighthouse’s Crown

Umpqua Lighthouse

The Lighthouse’s Crown

Red and white alternating lights

Patterned on a canvas of pines

Dark and darker carousel spinning

A micro and symbolic universe

My finite nature begins to sink in

I begin to understand the value of progeny

I also see that some things cannot be overcome

I don’t really relish my demise but I now know

Life holds meaning in the living of each day

The lighthouse’s crown isn’t part of the lighthouse

It is really the reflection from the trees

Of the beautiful beams sent out when I shine


2 thoughts on “The Lighthouse’s Crown

  1. Wow, “beautiful beams sent out when I shine”…I like that. The photo reminds me of a crown also. How wonderful the correlation between you and the lighthouse. Each of us send beams into this world and we are all valuable and of royalty in our own rights.

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