Bridging the Divide

Bridgingthe Divide

Bridging the Divide

Across the bay

Or across the Universe

There is no difference in impasse

We can build wonderful bridges sleek and strong

There is nothing we cannot do with enough time and thought

There is a simple question we need to first ask when bridging

That query is never can we but do we really want to cross

The answer is easy once we know the real question

Everyone can give answers few can listen

Great divides are often crossed alone

Cross with a caring heart

An open mind

And a brave



One thought on “Bridging the Divide

  1. wonderful insight. At times I am at the edge wondering if I should cross, worrying about the dangers that await on the other side. I worry about the crossing and fear the discovery. Thank you for the last bit of advice…to cross with a caring heart, an open mind and a brave heart. Nice photo.

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