Mesh & Synchronicity of Human Gears


Mesh & Synchronicity of Human Gears

Gears coming together smoothly

Life changes in geometric progression

Quantum leaps like a gazelle

Psychic recognition

P e r f e c t i o n

Everything was so easy

As natural as walking and whistling

There was no thought involved like catching a ball

Meshing with bright smiles is as effortless as

Dreaming of racing in the cool wind toward

A raging surf on a warm Pacific beach

It’s all synchronicity causally

Untied and totally


One thought on “Mesh & Synchronicity of Human Gears

  1. Totally, meaningful…the photo is great and the poem fantastic. I think about the times in life when things seem to be in sync with me and my life. I am grateful for those times. They are like being in a beautiful place like Shangrala or something.

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