When You Bloom

So Many Blooms

When You Bloom

I wondered today about life

I looked at the sun

I felt the warmth of spring

I saw rain clouds and felt hail

Everything touched me deeply

It was surreal as my life spoke to me

This mirror that reflected my mind and soul

I felt everything anew the pain sorrow and captivity

I’ve lived it alone and now I was no longer solitary

There is a closeness in being chosen to share

A freedom in being allowed to care

There are truths that give life

You find in yourself

When you bloom

You find

Yourself and love


One thought on “When You Bloom

  1. Beautifully written. So many times we try to live our lives in concealment, however by sharing with trusted friends, we can find freedom, care and empathy. Then we can bloom knowing others understand and we are not alone.

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