One Creek Up

One Creek Up

One Creek Up

Narrow and turbulent

Fast and forbidding

The further you flow

The more that you grow

Nothing can stop your movement

For all the power and fierce progression

There is not one soul that doesn’t see your beauty

Deeply blue softness,  smooth surface and compelling charm

And all of this can be found one creek down the road from us


4 thoughts on “One Creek Up

  1. I am pulled towards creeks as if they were magnents. I identify with them. “One Creek Up” brings me a new understanding. “Nothing can stop your movement.” When my painting is flowing nothing can stop that movement that doesn’t have much regard for others at times when the fow is up.
    The photo brings out the movement. The rocks look like a human form. I like the mystery behind your work and I can read my own stories into them. I hope you do not mind.

  2. Beautiful photo. I like the serendipity of the blue. Thank you for the words that revive my feelings about myself.

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