Little Falls

Little Falls

Little Falls

Sometimes I stop along a road

I love to capture the images

I usually pass by

Today I found

These little falls

As I am conditioned to do

I sometimes look at those images

Like this one of the falls and seek significance

I think about the times I’ve lost my footing

The times I misjudged or overshot life

I guess it’s been the little falls that

Inspire as much as teach me

That balance defies gravity

Falling is at times moving

In the proper direction

So long as I remember

To get back up move

Forward to the light


4 thoughts on “Little Falls

  1. It was really only months ago that I purchased a camera. In a short time, I feel a connection with it and rarely go anywhere without it. I’ve begun to look at the world differently… I notice so much more. I too, stop along the side of a road from time-to-time. Falling… flowing… I like your image

  2. i love two images in particular:
    one for the scientist in me: That balance defies gravity
    and the other for the living me: Falling is at time moving/In the proper direction . . ..

    after all, there are no great differences between falling and flying with respect to moving, nor flying and balancing with respect to gravity . ..

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