There is no better way to judge our lives

than a statement of Gibran about flowers

he spoke so flawlessly about how flowers

cannot bloom in a heart that’s like a volcano

it occurred to me he wasn’t talking about passion

for passion is the food of all things beautiful

it is rage that kills the daisy and the day

I must have learned this at a young age

my mother loved Gibran’s books

he was a poet and more

he was a real human

who bloomed and

propagated reason

like a row of bright

tulips of red and white

aligned in a peaceful sea of green

3 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. Very full of thought. Gibran sounds like a smart man and your mother an intelligent woman who raised her son to emulate these qualities. Great poem. The photo captures the essence of the poem.

  2. There’s a reason for the screen name I’ve chosen. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate.

    Beautiful mother…beautiful son…

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