2008 Petroglyphs

graffitti at a skateboard park

2008 Petroglyphs

does Anything Really Change

does the passing of the years

really change the nature of life

do the young people of today

really differ from the cliff artists

of the Anasazi or Tamgaly

the only difference I see

is that those ancient drawings

all depicted nature and animals

when today we see severed thumbs

square eyed fools and odd shapes

do you ever wonder how mankind

has survived all these years

or why we dare to learn

or if we forgot

more than

we ever


6 thoughts on “2008 Petroglyphs

  1. The artist is unknown. It was painted on the walls of the Skateboard park in Reedsport, Oregon. My guess is that it was at least three different artists. It is a photograph I took at the park. There are more pictures at http://www.travelswithamuse.blogspot.com/ if you would like to see them. They are at the bottom of the post for April 6, 2008

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