The Storm


The Storm

Raging waves pound

There is no relief

One follows the other

Seventh wave of the seventh set

Is now here and wisdom says run

So I run to the safest place I know

Looking out I must find hope

She calls me to look up

I see a golden horizon again

Soft smooth clouds and the sun

While I stand in the sand

Looking out at the waves

Peace is in the voice of the wind

Life is in the face of change

The storm relents as

The surf quietens

To a whisper

Of your



3 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. Hi Paul,
    The poem is beautiful, as is the image. How wonderful it would be if all your poetry and the wonderful images you capture were in a book so that all could enjoy your art. Thank you for sharing with so many. You are truly an artist!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful picture. The colors and composition are magnificent. The captured moment in time is turbulent yet serene with hope as your poem so benevolently portrays.

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