Glitter Points


Glitter Points

What is it in us that we look to the sky in wonder and see lights and then travel in our minds. We go to distant places so easily in our dreams yet our reality of action is a rooted deep into a comfort zone devoid of exploration. We crave mystery in books, movies, and other lives and seek safe knowledge in out actions. We are thrilled by the creative but live on the repetitive use of mass produced copies. So when a shadow covers the moon we look in awe and see our glitter points covered and our lives as they are not but how we wish them to be.


3 thoughts on “Glitter Points

  1. It is something to ponder. Why do we seek these pondering places when we are content or even feel in servitude to our reality. Why is these places outside and inside ourselves seem so glorious yet our real lives are mundane. Choice?

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