Where Flowers Go To Die Laughing

Where Flowers Go

We all gathered round on a winter’s night to critique each other’s art by sight. The easel was assembled as we all huddled around. Some stood and some sat on chairs or the ground, some had coffee some tea some wheat thins and cheese while they sat on their knees. It all began with an innocent touch two towers, one camera, a butterfly with flowers and stuff. Next a woman shared a self portrait of her wearing a red hat and a beautiful bust. No! not that kind of bust a clay sculpted head you goof. Then there was this image titled “Where Flowers Go To Die.” Darkly bright painted with ink jet ink, digitized and altered worked on for hours. I realized any child could do better than my work. The person who displayed her bust was sitting next to me declared her feet were cold, removed her socks, and stuck her foot in my direction said feel. Being a total fool I took the frozen appendage in my hand and with a laugh tickled it for all I’m worth. Well the foot kicked out by reflex knocking me back into Herman who spilled hot coffee down the back of Adrien and Billy’s shirts and when they jumped pushing the easel onto Anna who fell off of her chair and onto the bust. In seconds the cold foot was on my neck as the others bashed me with their ruined art work. Thank heavens the bust was broken already or I’d have a concussion or worse.

As I walked from the gathering alone and dejected I realized I should have just held that foot massaged it covered it inder my sweater for warmth until it was back to normal. But I’m shy in many ways and to avoid disaster I lost my head trying to show off my superior tickling technique. It did help my art piece though by adding the coffee it gained depth and the cheese blotch made a great sunflower even my blood at various spots gave vibrant color. I also was able to rename it “Where Flowers Go To Die Laughing.

Since that time, “Where Flowers Go To Die Laughing” was shown on the Oprah show, won the Pulitzer Prize for creating brotherhood in the world and was recently auctioned at Southerby’s for $23 million dollars. It all has made me proud to be an artist even if it’s by accident.

* Note this is a work of fiction and is a highly hyperbolized version. The piece “Where Flowers Go To Die Laughing” is actually still available for sale. The asking price is $12 million but other bids will be considered.

2 thoughts on “Where Flowers Go To Die Laughing

  1. DOn’t expect me to say anything clever like the above! *lol* I did laugh my socks off though! Nice bust you have there, sir.

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