Sweet Invasion

Sweet Invasion

Sweet Invasion

So safe behind a wall of secrets
I endure the expectations of others
Oblivious to my old zombiesq existence
Writing everything that crosses my mind
Quite unexpectedly you appeared at my door
Kicking it in with kind openness and a smile
I back up in shy confusion falling over my soul
This sweet invasion has me dizzy I create again
Images and words flow from me in gooey drops
All the secret bricks begin to fall around
You kick my butt into a creative frenzy
I try to stay calm as I open slowly
Revealing my hidden identity
I breathe with a new spirit
Alive finally wandering
In a world colored red
Finally I stand erect
Face to face with a
Mirror image
Of me


3 thoughts on “Sweet Invasion

  1. How very sweet…so much emotion…activity, resolve, and passion. When I read this I cannot help but think of myself. I hope that is OK.

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