Solitary Being in Solitude

Solitary Being


Across a bridge that doesn’t exist that spans a gully created by a river that scurried to the sea I stand alone. So this image begins a muse of more words of my dreams and you. I don’t know how to say how I feel but I do try. Detachment like any out of body experience is looking at myself sans emotion and it hurts to realize how cold I can be at times. Neither can I defend those times of detachment nor can I allow myself to know I’ve seen solitude as my most perfect reality. I must constantly call on my dreams or believe there is a natural progression that will take place in time. Bridges have fascinated me for a very long time but some I may never cross. If I find a place to rest my complex and imagining mind across a bridge will I take that walk. Will I walk to that place in that cluster of trees next sands overlooking the ocean and find you there. There is no distance between us only years. There is no discernible future other than today and I don’t care. All that matters is that solitude I occasionally find when it’s possible to dream and the pleasure of your smile.


One thought on “Solitary Being in Solitude

  1. How truly lovely. So very complex, and yes as you mentioned you have a complex mind. I enjoy the part about living for today, solitude and the pleasure of your smile. How true can that be. I think about the trueness of our emotions and feelings. No one can tell us that this or that does not make sense. Because sense is in knowing and feeling and being. I know, I feel and I am.

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