The Perfect Place

Perfect Place

The Perfect Place

Sometimes I dream
Ever have a dream of love?
I dream sometimes of a perfect place
By a clear lake rolling river or sounding sea
Water flashes light signaling peace and energy
This perfect place holds me tight and tenderly
I walk with you there, embraced by the fog
Caressed by the sounds kissed by the wind
Touched by your long fight to live
I am Torn in your frailty
Lost in your wisdom
Crushed by your wall
I fall apart
Then the wind blows
The waves crash and spray
The wall becomes a staircase
The fog lifts and takes me with it
In this place all wounds are healed
All sorrows melt in the breeze and fear is gone
We walked through our lives together and apart
Holding hands we sat together at that perfect place
Then for one brief moment or maybe an eternity we lived


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Place

  1. This is a very tender poem, Paul…This perfect place seems to include every aspect of you, heart, soul, mind, and body. Reading this makes me think of “exquisite delight in the abundance of all that is good and right”. I feel it is a poem for all that long for love, peace, harmony, in its most perfect state, and for those who don’t…to wonder. I related to this poem. Thank you for your gentle thoughts.

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