024- Lunar Eclipse

You Blushed

Dear timid one

As you rose in the East

You dimmed and disappeared

Ashamed of being photographed

Somehow your red glow faded

You ascended in the sky

You glowed white hot

You were again


Three Freckled Flowers

TrioThree Freckled Flowers

Gold in Bloom

Surrounded by green

Fields of beauty in the sun

Red candles hanging beneath

Symbols of everything dear to my heart

Peaceful and Passionate

Closness and Distance

Graceful and Strong


Freckled Face and Grace



Perfect flower

Soft in hue and form

Sun yellow rays bursting

From within a heart so warm

Lavender-red petals humanly marked

With many spots but not blemishes

I dark winter seems like forever

Green leaves break the snow

Then there you are again

Coloring my mind

With a freckled



The Sun and the Fog


The Sun

Was revealed through

The morning fog this morning

Even the brightest entity in the sky

Can be captured in the most ethereal way

Pure white light cleansed of fiery red glow now cooled

For one brief moment I can almost touch the untouchable

I add the light and sight to my internal being forever

My heart warmed by the vision of beauty

I now can envision


Red Moon Glow


 Red Moon Glow


Moon glowing red

The more I look at you

The more I understand your beauty

You are ridge and crater filled

What character you exhibit

Of hard collisions with

Life and real living

And I am left

In a sea



Filling the Gaps

ImageThere is nothing more comforting
Than trust and sincere openness
Words alone hold little value
Compared to the constancy
Of kindness laying
In between a
Forest of
The mist
Fills the valley
Spaces with clouds
Come down to earth gently
You speak of music and images
In a language I understand completely
As that sweet silent sound enters my eyes
Through the pixilated life so tender so real




Singular beauty

Floating like a butterfly

Somewhere in my mind’s eye

I am in wonder how this fragile soul

Endures the rain wind hail and hot sun

With the grace of will and good-nature

She survives on a green stem rooted

In the soil of song and dances softly

Leaving those who walk her path

A sweeter life and the color

Of wisdom and serenity

I see so much in

This special






I am

An immovable object

While you are the irresistible force

And we dance infinitely close

You are powerful but soft

And I am solid yet

Each encounter

You will

Shape me

If only a little

Over time you have

Created me in your image

Each soft caress washes my soul

Every strong surge smooths me

At times you subside into

A vast ocean world

I know you always return

To refine my stoic mind

To bring me to life

In an waltz

Of love



End of the Day

ImageEnd of the Day

I begin my day as you end yours

Nothing seems more natural

Nocturnal friends in the

Image of Ladyhawk

Or maybe


So we meet

In the middle of it all

Between shadows and sunlight

Doing the normal under strange circumstance

It is




Sunset Solitude



Solitude contains

Everything light and dark

Life integrated through thoughts

Images of loneliness or peace

Surrounded by a golden glow

I only know my own feelings

Of having lived life well

The people I love see

For the person I am

While I see myself

Completed in their